Figures Shown in Meetings

  1. E419/E369 Meeting at KEK 9/Sep/97
  2. SENDAI98 Workshop 8-10/Jan/98
  3. E929/E906 meeting at BNL 16/Mar/98
  4. E929 meeting at JPS meeting 31/Mar/98
  5. SNP99 Workshop 19-22/Jan/99
  6. Local meeting at Osaka 17/Mar/99
  7. Local meeting at Osaka 24/Mar/99
  8. Hypernuclei and Unstable Nuclei Joint Symposium at RIKEN 2-3/Sep/99
  9. Update of the 48D48 acceptance (9/Nov/99)
  10. Carl Dover Memorial Symposium at BNL 9-12/Dec/99
  11. Test of 48D48 acceptance (16/Mar/00)
  12. HYP2000 23-27/Oct/00
  13. Study on 48D48 resolution (14/Nov/00)
  14. Local meeting at Osaka 20/Feb/01
  15. PANIC02 30/Sep-4/Oct/02